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For Wael and us all!!!

So I have noticed that the forum sites have been a virtual ghost town as of late. Not just here either, but it seems pretty much all across…

Started by Daniel McCullar

2 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

Is Hapkido, Hapkido

I have begun to wonder. Is Hapkido Hapkido? What I mean is this. Is Hapkido a specific codified art, with set rules and philosophies or is…

Started by Daniel McCullar

6 Dec 5, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar


I found out some very interesting things lately. First off, my GM has been in the U.S. since 1970. Even so his English is poor at best. His…

Started by Daniel McCullar

5 Dec 5, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Number of ground techniques

Anybody have a clue how many ground techniques are in Judo, DRAJJ, Hwa Rang Do, BJJ and any other ground art? I'm not talking about throws…

Started by Daniel McCullar

1 Dec 5, 2015
Reply by Wael

Hapkido Forums

This forum has gotten quiet for some time now. But it is still in my opinion the best Hapkido forum out there. But, I have found that to…

Started by Daniel McCullar

2 Dec 18, 2014
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Korean translation

Looking for a translation to Korean script. HanJutsu or just Jutsu.

Started by Daniel McCullar

0 Dec 7, 2014

Same skills for martial arts and business?

Tony Hugo, in his book "Warrior Wisdom", writes: "A person who succeeds in business demonstrates the same attributes as the martial artist…

Started by Wael

1 Dec 2, 2014
Reply by Fred Stauffer

Tested on Saturday

Have not been on here for awhile, been busy with work and training, just an update that I passed my 3rd dan testing this past weekend.  We…

Started by William Milewski

1 Nov 1, 2014
Reply by Wael

Should martial arts "philosophies" be thrown out the window?

Here's a post I wrote on the subject. What's your opinion? Many martial arts are based on philosophies or concepts, some of which are cont…

Started by Wael

16 Jun 30, 2014
Reply by Fred Stauffer

More to your teaching and training

This site has been slow as heck for some tie now. I don't know how many others are slow, but I figured I would take a shot at getting thing…

Started by Daniel McCullar

6 Jun 9, 2014
Reply by Fred Stauffer




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