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Red Belt Test...

Our school has a "Warrior Weekend" once a year in June, and I'm debating on testing for my red belt....so many techniques to learn I find I…

Started by SteelyJan

5 Jun 5, 2009
Reply by Erik Medeiros

kuk sool won=hapkido?

does anyone have any experience with kuk sool won? a lot of their techniques look very similar to hapkido but apparently the techniques in…

Started by Brian Currie

4 May 28, 2009
Reply by Wael

Do spiritual teachings have a place in martial arts?

I teach informal Hapkido classes at the park. Every week I send out an email with a reminder of class times. I send this email to my studen…

Started by Wael

2 May 25, 2009
Reply by SteelyJan

Happy birthday to me!

Ha ha, sorry for this self-congratulatory post. I'm 44 today, believe it or not. I feel like a teenager and simultaneously as old as hist…

Started by Wael

10 May 19, 2009
Reply by Wael

Traditional boxing in Nigeria - Dembe fighting

I spotted this photo essay on the BBC online, about the traditional art of Dembe Boxing in Nigeria. It has nothing to do with Hapkido but…

Started by Wael

3 Apr 30, 2009
Reply by Lew Hise

Why Hapkido and Not Jujitsu?

For lack of a Hapkido school in my area, I've been practicing Hapkido in the park three times a week with a few other people, and attending…

Started by Wael

1 Apr 17, 2009
Reply by Erik Medeiros

what attracted you to the art of hapkido?

Hi I would be interested to know what attracted you to hapkido in the first palce? was it a demonstration,a book or just walking into a loc…

Started by Brian Currie

6 Mar 25, 2009
Reply by Wael

Instructors who are out of shape or have bad character?

Since I'm in central California now and there are no Hapkido schools here, I've been checking out some of the other martial arts schools in…

Started by Wael

2 Feb 27, 2009
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Training your family

So what have you done regarding your family? By this I mean: with my wife I have talked with her about situational and environmental awaren…

Started by Daniel McCullar

1 Feb 26, 2009
Reply by Wael

Does Hapkido pay enough attention to ground fighting?

I know of at least one Hapkido school in San Francisco (where I used to live) that trains exclusively in ground fighting one day a week. Th…

Started by Wael

8 Nov 19, 2008
Reply by David Hastings




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