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sword training

I know this might be a fruitless topic, but!!! I know many of us who train in sword work use the Japanese Katana. But what about other swo…

Started by Daniel McCullar

5 Apr 21, 2016
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Korean Uniforms

If there was a uniform that was of equivalent cost as current uniforms, but more Korean inspired, would you purchase it?  

Started by Daniel McCullar

12 Dec 30, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar

A unique and distinctly Korean uniform

This topic has been tossed around for a while on many other sites. So I figured that it might as well be put on here. The current popular u…

Started by Daniel McCullar

27 Feb 11, 2013
Reply by Timmy Kearney

your favorite non-traditional weapon

To me the traditional weapon is those normally associated by the masses with the martial arts.  Staffs, swords and knives, typical samurai,…

Started by Daniel McCullar

38 Jan 5, 2012
Reply by Wael

the hammer head

www.thehammerhead.com I was thinking of getting this. Does anyone have any experience with it? What do Yall think of it?

Started by Daniel McCullar

5 Mar 29, 2011
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Looking for something very specific

Back home we had a hand held training bag. It looked like a hanging bag, but this one was only meant to be held. On the top it had a handle…

Started by Daniel McCullar

0 Mar 11, 2011

Belt Ranking/color systems:

At this point our gup ranking system goes like this: White, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Black. After black we do not get any…

Started by Daniel McCullar

2 Mar 10, 2011
Reply by Fred Stauffer

Diamond Tops/Different.

White%20Diamond%20Tops.docx   Grey%20Diamond%20Tops.docx   Black%20Diamond%20Tops.docx   Red%20Diamond%20Tops.docx   These are some of the…

Started by Daniel McCullar

0 Mar 10, 2011

Diamond top

How many of you wear the diamond top, and ho many before black belt. For us it is considered a hapkido top and since my teacher says that y…

Started by Daniel McCullar

24 Mar 8, 2011
Reply by Fred Stauffer

belt color meanings

My GM has never had or cared for belt color meanings. Much of my research has shown that belt color meanings are not only a western inventi…

Started by Daniel McCullar

1 Feb 8, 2011
Reply by Fred Stauffer




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