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Hapkido as an olympic sport?!?!?!?!

https://m.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10151076675784887&p=10 I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable with this.....I would hate to see m…

Started by Greg Kitchen

10 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

When to fight?

Would you fight if you were insulted by a stranger on the street?   How about if someone insulted or disrespected your wife? Would you figh…

Started by Wael

13 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

Initiating fight

Hello everybody a very happy new year to all.... In a day to day life my experience has been that orinary people do not fight with punche…

Started by Shamala

8 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

Is Hapkido Effective in Combat?

David Hastings recently wrote in a different discusssion: "I love the art of Hapkido, I also know what works in combat and they are quite…

Started by Wael

17 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

Can you fight

So can you. I'm not talking about your martial arts or how effective it is. What I am asking is, if you were put into a situation where you…

Started by Daniel McCullar

15 Jan 19, 2013
Reply by Ralph Hart

What would put MMA a step above TMAS?

The title is self explanatory. I believe that for one it is because it attracts athletes. Their general overall conditioning far outweighs…

Started by Daniel McCullar

4 May 10, 2012
Reply by Kenny Bryant Smith

18 Killed By One Punch - BBC News

No, not 18 people killed by one single punch. Eighteen different people killed by eighteen different punches. From today's BBC News:   Eigh…

Started by Wael

4 Sep 29, 2011
Reply by Wael

Knife Defense

For discussion, other than actual techniques employing movement, deflection, joint manipulation and containment of the weapon, what do you…

Started by Fred Stauffer

10 Jul 24, 2011
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Sparring vs Self Defense

I believe that being good at free sparring (or playing tag) doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be good at self defense.   Opinions?

Started by Fred Stauffer

23 Feb 5, 2011
Reply by Shireen

Protection Of Others

Earlier tonight I experienced 'real-on-the-street' effectiveness. I got a call from a younger friend of mine, she was drunk and not far fr…

Started by Sheldon Bond

2 Jun 28, 2009
Reply by Sheldon Bond




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