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Hi I am Matt, I am originaly from Alabama,USA but now live in the UK. I started taking Hapkido at the age of 3 and now that I am 27 I am still learning new things everyday. My style is the legebndary shinsei Hapkido which can trace its roots all the way back to the founder of Hapkido through my instructor Do JJu Nim Joseph Lumpkin. I look forward to getting to know you guys and learning even more technique as we discuss our teaching and learning methods.

Hello everyone.My name is Timmy Kearney,and I'm from New Brunswick ,Canada.I started training in hapkido in 1971 with James Kim as my sabum.I now am a 5thdan in Moo Sul Won hapkido,and teach the same.My instructor is now living in the Phillipines,so now I'm associated with the ISA ,with George Petrotta.I understand that many hapkido schools only take students who are 16 years old  plus.I take then when they are 10,but am very strict with them because of the dangerous techniques.I do find that my patience is tested at times,but most of them listen very well.I also teach adults,which by the way,are much easier to teach,probably because of their understanding of the art.Right now ,I'm 56 years old,and after class many times,I'm bent out of shape from doing many breakfalls,and being the guinea pig for the techniques.Thank God my wife is a nurse,and there is always a supply of asprin in the house to kill the pain.Enough about me for now.

Hi Tim,

I'm 46, and the breakfalls and locks wear me out as well. Do you find that your weight makes a difference? When I'm too heavy the falls are worse. When I lose some weight it's not so bad.

It's the weight. When you take a fall at 230lbs, that's a lot of weight slamming down into mat. Even if it's all muscle weight, it still affects your bones, brain, organs and joints.

I mean sure, breakfalls are hard work for anyone. But the extra weight really magnifies it, I believe.

I'm not too heavy.My problem is that some of my discs in my neck are getting worn out.They call it DDD,some kind of disc disorder.I still push myself pretty hard sometimes,and think I'm 18 again,but nature tells a different story.

So true. I'm 52 and feel like a kid until I'm through training. Then I get hit hard. But I won't stop. The only thing that has changed is all of my kicks are mid level and I don't care for jump kicks anymore, could break a leg, lol.

Last time I did jump kicks was six years ago, and I twisted my knee badly. No more of those.

I still try to reach the stars with my kicks,but tell my students that by doing this,if you have to kick someone in the face or chest,it won't be a problem.I also tell them that in hapkido,high kicks aren't as important as they would be in tae kwon do.Last class, I was showing some of my advanced students how to do a jumping spinning heel kick,and after picking myself off the floor from not keeping my balance,I told them thats how you don't do it,then I took it a little easier on myself.I can sure embarass myself quite easily.Thank god that I have black belt students that can do some of the fancier stuff.

With my back and 4 knee surgeries, I've never been near the kicker as my Korean instructors in Korea.  With that said, I always pause when someone says HKD doesn't have the kicks of TKD.  (And yes, I realize you didn't say that, just reminded me of people who do)  The Koreans I trained with could kick as well or better than any TKD, but they would kick you anywhere, ankle, knees, to the head.  Regarding my not so great high kicks, my instructor would always say, "Don't worry, for real fight, kick low."


But I, like you, try to help my students kick as high as they are able.  I want them to be better than me.

Wow, that's some amount of perseverance!  I stole part of your comment to start another thread...

Its was really interesting to me.

I like that comment "be better then me."

Yes, as we get older it gets tougher to do the things we did when younger.  Add the injuries over the years and that just compounds things.

I try not to take many hard falls any more after the Neurosurgeon told me that the results of my MRI showed that my spinal cord splits into two and then comes back again.  He said I should never have been able to do the things I've done.  He said unless I lost functioning in my lower half, not to do anything and just deal with the shooting pains up my spine (the reason for the MRI).  He didn't know if Hapkido would hurt anything or not, but cautioned me to be careful.




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