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Hello and welcome to those who have joined recently. We'd love to know more about you. How about replying here, or starting your own forum topic? Also feel free to share photos and videos of yourself and your school. Hapki!

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Thank you Master Burrese!  Appreciate the kind words about Korean Martial Arts Festival.  Look forward to seeing you in April!

Have a nice day to all!hope to enjoy more get interesting things to be able to learn a lot of great thing that i did not know yet...I am glad to be here.Thanks to all.

Hello Ricky. Good to meet you.


My name is Javier Rojas. I began practicing Hapkido seven years ago when I was 27. I earned my black belt on December 2012. I practiced  through 2013 to finally stop on 2014 because I needed to work and earn some money. There are a lot of things one can learn from Hapkido practice. Nevertheless, I've been researching for myself  because my hapkido school is more focused on competitions, exhibitions and sportive combat. I've seen many Hapkido schools that are a mix of Taekwondo with a few Ho Shin Sool techniques; this, from my point of view, has been the focus of my school's teachers: lots of fitness routines, lots of kicking drills, poomsae practice, exhibition rehearsals and so on. We used to practice Ho Shin Sool every other month, before belt tests or before tournaments. There are many Hapkido styles and schools, each one focusing on one or more aspects of Hapkido as it has evolved and developed since it was founded in the 50's. But I love the strong Hapkido techniques shown by masters as Ji Han Jae, Lee Chan Soo, Kim Yoong Sang or Kim Jae Nam.

I am now studying Goju Ryu Karete Do, and I like it very much. But i would like to resume my Hapkido trainings some day!

Hello Javier. Welcome. Yeah, I wouldn't last long in a school like the one you attended. I wouldn't be interested. I'm much more interested in practicing a combat-oriented, realistic style of Hapkido.

Goju Ryu is a good art too. I am shodan in Shorin-Ryu, myself.

By the way, how did Hapkido get started in Venezuela? That's where you're located, right?

Yes I'm from Venezuela. Though there are various sources for the origin (arrival) of Hapkido in Venezuela, it was the Grand Master Bak Nam Kyu (or Nam Kyu Bak as we're used to call him) who brought the art to the country. He first came to South America through Ecuador and then Colombia, to finally stay here in Venezuela. He now lives in Táchira state. He holds a 9th degree black belt in Hapkido and as he himself has stated, Ji Han Hae is a closed friend of his. He also claims that both of them trained under Choi Yong Sul. Since I knew about him, I've always wanted to make an interview to him, but he's in his senventies and I don't really want to annoy this incredible and amazing man with silly questions!

I'm sure his claims are true. Perhaps he was a member of the presidential bodyguard service or the military. Many of them were Hapkido masters and a lot of them fled the country during the political turbulence of the 1960's.

Hello , My name is Deke  Rivers ...just getting back into martial arts afetr 15yr off  but I studdied for 15 yrs  before layoff. Trained in a korean blend then swithced to shaolin king fiu under the famed TSAI family  system out of chicago... then school closed out of no were and trained with some guys I knew from diffenet style for a while. did a little judo , I wrestled, boxed, did some innshinryu......I returned recently trying kenpo bjj and been trying a little wing tzun...howewver I always admirded hapkido and although I have a populat Hapkido school right down the street they teach a lot of katas which I dont have any interest in .....found an instructor from the  tactical hapkido alliance about 20 min from me and will  try  out this week ... seems more my speed with low kick s and more self defens oriented with trapping and stick and knife work as well as ground surviavl......A  spin  off of combat  hapkido......Looking forward to  the trainig...had much chi na  (joints locks and pressure point ) in kung fu that I always  enjoyed.

Hi Deke. Sounds like that tactical Hapkido might be a good match for you. Let me know how it goes.

I will do that....with bad knees from my kick boxing days my high kick days are over,,,,,so I have to adapt ...hapkido  reminds me a lot like kung fu in that it is tauight so many different ways. We will see how it goes.   




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