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Hi my name is Sam and I am very interested in the art and way of Hapkido and I am looking for a Hapkido dojang near me in Seoul. I am originally from Buffalo, New York in the states, but life has brought me to South Korea as my two brothers are here. I am 18 years old and have always been looking for ways to harmonize mind, body and spirit. I have found that that is the definition of Hapkido. I am a musician, so i understand the idea of harmony and believe that my music and martial arts will benefit eachother.
Hello Sam. I haven't been to Seoul but I understand there are Hapkido dojangs everywhere. The challenge is to find a good one. I've seen some discussion about this on travel forums. I'll see if I can find one of those discussions.
You could contact the larger organizations and ask them about dojangs with English-speaking instructors, as that might be difficult for you to find on your own.

Korea Hapkido Federation - see if you can get into Kim, Nam Je's Seoul dojang, he is the shorter of the two masters featured on Discovery Channel's Fight Quest hapkido episode.
KHF Address:
18-11 Rung-Dong
Seoul 143-180
South Korea
Tel : 82-2-3437-3430
Fax : 82-2-456-0953

Korea KidoHae:http://www.kidohae.or.kr/main.php (in Korean only, but on the bottom of the page there are phone numbers and email addresses)

That leaves the IHF, but I don't have their contact details available. My own federation WHGF is relatively small, and I don't think they have a dojang in Seoul.
Thanks a lot Torbjorn. I will check these out immediately. Cheers!
Greetings to all!

My name is Daniel Sullivan and I teach from a small home studio http://hapkidokumdo.webs.com/ to a "huge" student body of five and part time at a local dojang, Korean Martial Arts, inc. http://www.koreanmartialartsinc.com/.

I have been practicing taekwondo, kumdo and hapkido for quite a while now, but I am focusing on just hapkido and kumdo at this point.

I am affiliated with a local federation, both in hapkido and kumdo; the Korean Hapkido Federation (no relation to the Korea Hapkido Federation) http://www.koreanhapkidofederation.com/ and the Korean Kumdo Federation http://www.koreankumdofederation.com/, both founded by GM Kim Hee Wk. My taekwondo grades are through the Kukkiwon.

Hi my name is Daniel, I practice the incredibly powerful karate style known as Kimura Shukokai Karate, which focuses on scientific aspects of power generation through the correct use of ones body. I am interested in studying KHF hapkido as I am attracted by its use of water based movement and non-resistance as opposed to karate, which is more head to head. I was wondering if my choice of this hapkido division is good or not. Could anybody give me any advice?
I don't know much about federations. What I know is that if you have a good teacher, who is patient and builds you up from learning the movements slowly to practicing dynamically with more realism, then you are fortunate and will learn. Also, if your fellow students are dedicated and serious, that's a very good sign. I think these things are more important than federations or styles.
That is sound advice, thank you. I am truly dedicated to martial arts and if I commit to hapkido, then i will see it through as best i can. I have an opportunity open to me, which is to study Chiropractic in Korea, specifically the city of Seosan. I know the predominant dojang are in the larger city of Seoul but Seosan is the only place in Korea that offers the Chiropractic course, does anyone know of a good dojang in this city, I don't want to wind up in a 'MacDojo' and as chiropractic is a large part of supplementing my martial arts i cannot forgo it. Can anyone help? Is this a wise decision?
Thanks for the invitation to the forum! Due to writing and projects, I don't visit the martial art forums as much as I used to, but hope to stop by now and then to share and learn with others here. My name is Alain Burrese and my primary art is Hapkido. My main instructors are in South Korea where I used to live and train, and still return to train with them. I've written a book on self-defense and I've done 6 DVDs so far. (two of them are 2 disk sets) Three are with Paladin Press, and I do believe my Hapkido Cane DVD set is one of the best cane resources out there. I teach in Missoula, Montana and also travel to give seminars. I'm currently transitioning from practicing law to writing, speaking, and teaching full time. It's great to be here!
Hello, My name is Kevin Luttrell, started Isshinryu when I was 8 years old and fell in love with Korean Martial Arts while in high school. I served 10 years Active duty US Army, 4 of which were in Korea. This makes 36 years training as a martial artist, 17 years as an instructor. I train and teach Okinawan Kobodo, TaeKwonDo and Hapkido but enjoy the study of all styles of martial arts.
I look forward to a healthy exchange through this forum.

thanks for allowing me the opportunity
It's great to have highly experienced martial artists like you here. I'll never be as experienced as you, as I started late in life. You can always tell the guys & gals who started as kids, because their form and technique are always sharp, and they learn new martial concepts quickly.

My daughter is 3 years old, and I've been building it up in her mind that when she gets to 5 she can start Hapkido. She's already excited about it, lol. To her every martial art that she happens to see on TV or anywhere else is "Hapkido!" No need to confuse her, lol.
My little girl is 5 and I've started teaching her some Hapkido and she also thinks all martial arts are Hapkido. :-)




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