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Hello and welcome to those who have joined recently. We'd love to know more about you. How about replying here, or starting your own forum topic? Also feel free to share photos and videos of yourself and your school. Hapki!

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Vic Cushing...26 years at Hapkido..earlier training in Wrestling, Judo and Kali/Escrima. All told counting 54 years of being mauled.
Wow. How's your body holding up?

Good to have you here.
I get the frequent flyer discount at the local hospital. Actually though my body won't do what it once would. I encourage everyone to stay active and on the mat. It has kept n my general health way above average for my advanced years.
Good to see you here Vic! Been a long time since we were on the mat together... Hope you are doing well. - Alain
Hello I am Matt. I have been in hapkido for a long time. I am in Missouri and am a member of the World Traditional Hapkido Alliance.
Nice to meet you here Matt!

My name is Patrick Williams. I have studied Hapkido for 23 years and I'm a 5th dan in IHF Hapkido (the old system before Hankido). When the IHF split, many students continued studying under Myung Jae Nam IHF Hankido and others went to study under Myung Jae Ok's Hoi Jeon Moo Sool.
I began studying Hapkido while in the Army stationed at Fort Bliss Texas, and fell in love with the foot movements, hand control, and especially the self defense.
I am affilated with Myung S Kangs and Jino Kangs IHF/U.S. Schools.
Hello Patrick, welcome. So did you transfer over to Hankido, or did you stay with Hapkido? From what I understand, Hankido is more circular, and actually incorporates some Korean dance steps, is that right?
I stayed with Hapkido. I had a choice to train in Hoi Jeon Moo Sool but myself and several instructors who'd put in many years continued in Hapkido. Though we studies many aspects of Hoi Jeon Moo Sool (mainly self defense, strike, throws) we continued teaching the old system.
I have also studied parts of Hankido but it was just to know more about the direction our founders were going.
Good to meet you here!


I'm Tom, Secratery of the Hapkido International Association (Australia.) We're finally getting our Internet Persona together and when I found the Hapkido Network I joined up straight away.

We teach & train MooMooKwan Hapkido. Are club has a strong focus on the "Hapkido Way" and aren't in the business of teaching people how to fight. We are interested in teaching people to develop a "Fighting Mindset" that will afford them the strength to avoid physical conflict.

I look forward to reading, writing, and commenting on blogs, articles, videos, photos and much-much more.

Visit our websites for more information on our growing network:

http://hapkidoworld.com - Official Homepage for Master Bermas Kim (Founder of the HIA)
Hello Tom, welcome to HapkidoNetwork.com. You might have an interesting perspective on a recent forum topic I started titled, "What is Hapkido"?




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