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I want to order a Hapkido DVD and I'd like a few suggestions. It doesn't matter to me how advanced the material is, what I care about more is the presentation. Are techniques explained? Shown more than once, from different perspectives, at different speeds? That's what I like. Also I am not interested in flashy techniques, but in practical self-defense.

I currently have only two Hapkido DVDs:

1. Practical Hapkido, with Master Hye-Kyoung Kim. I trained briefly with Master Kim in Campbell, California (it was too much of a drive). He's a good teacher and highly skilled, but the DVD is not much good. Perhaps because Master Kim speaks English poorly, there is no talking in the DVD. Techniques are shown once at high speed, then once more in slow motion, which makes no sense to me. It's often difficult to tell what's happening. There are two volumes, but I can't recommend either.

2. Hapkido Ultimate Self-Defense with Steve "Road House" Sexton. This is a set of three discs and I really like it. Every technique is explained fully, demonstrated step by step, then in slow motion, then at full speed. There are a few techniques that I find to be impractical, but I just skip over those. For the most part Steve is demonstrating techniques that have worked for him in his many years as a bouncer.

What are your favorites? Any recommendations for me?

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The only I have is Hapkido essentials. I would love the Sin Moo Hapkido one with Do Ju Nim, Ji Han Jae but it's a bit pricey. I am looking for recommendations as well but not just a bunch of flash. I am looking for step by step instruction to enhance my training and strictly for reference.
I have the hapkido essentials which is good as it's in Korean and english.Each technique is done slowly 3 times and then fast a few times.it's by two 8th dans i think chang lee soo not sure but it's a good one anyway,try amazon.

I'll have to check this one out.

I would say that The roadhouse DVD's are as good as any I have seen, the 9thdan video is also a good video. another good source is james Benko his instruction is top notch.

I have joint lock 3dvds of master Alain Buresse and 3 dvds set of Master  steve Sexton on ultimate hapkido.

The explainination are simple and very good.

dear all, my first post here....

i have seen about 10 to 15 HKD vids. some of them very impressive (at first) some of them more or less interesting. (3 jin jung kwan, gm Lee changsoo, Kwang myung sik WHF, IHF, GHF, mu sul kwan P Pinerd, Sin moo hkd level 1 - 2, hapmudo lee young sung, ... misc)

Right now i have a definite 100% favorite which is the 3 dvd's from gm LIM Hyun-Soo "Jung Ki Kwan" hapkido. At first i was not into it since its not from demonstrating purpose (no flashy kukki, big falls,....) i gave it a glance and move to another one... big mistake !!! After more time and deeper interest i was totally blown away ! The quality, the use of principles, the combinations - variations etc... it is the one school that really got me into hapkido after 5 years of training in other styles, school. Soon ill put a "teaser" on our facebook page. http://www.hapkido44.com


you get the dvd's here : http://www.jungkikwan.com


peace, oliv.

Steve Sexton is one of my teacher's students from back in the 70s. I can only attest to his stuff. The disks are basics at the basic levels but it is good stuff. You can not go wrong. AND if you had questions I could actualy help on that one!

Since my original post, I've acquired Alain Burrese's "Lock On" series. There's one DVD each for wrist locks, elbow locks, shoulder locks and finger locks. These are among my favorite Hapkido DVDs. Burrese shows many variations, different camera angles, and different speeds. Production values are excellent.




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