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Check out his video on facebook. I really like their us of the Chin Na Grip Training Bags in the beginning of the vid..


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There's some interesting stuff in that vid. I like how he flows between locks and strikes. The thing with the bags looks like a fun drill to strengthen the hand. I wonder if the bags are just filled with rice or what.

Beans or steel shot from what I have seen.

Beans, okay, but steel shot? Ouchi wa wa. I'll pass. I'd like to retain some sensitivity in my fingers.

The steel shot can also be used for iron palm training. The steel shot makes it heavier for a stronger grip. Personally I do fingertip tap training. What that is, is I take a solid hard piece of wood and gently tap the very tip (not the pads) of my fingers, gradually increasing the intensity of my strikes. Great for toughening fingertips for fingertip strikes.




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