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And people wonder why Hapkido today irks me. This is gota be the most rediculous thing ever!
Just check out the Hapkido section. This is outragous. No wonder no one takes us seriously!

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I see a bunch of individual kwans listed under the Hapkido section, actually a whole lot are missing (the one I'm in, for instance). What's the problem?

OTOH, the list IS inaccurate, I see Jong Tong / Yong Tong listed twice - I've met the head teacher and know a couple of his students so I know there's only one fed with that name ;)
This just seems to be an extremely high number of Hapkido styles. It is outa control. This has always been Hapkido's main problem, quality control and structure.
Hmm. I'm not terribly surprised. The list is probably even longer in reality. In Panama I studied Song Moo Hapkido, I don't think that's on the list, but it wouldn't be since it's found only in Panama.

I don't know. Some of the Japanese styles are very centralized, but many other martial arts contain this plethora of styles. I also study Silat and here's a list of just the major styles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Styles_of_silat

In reality there are hundreds and maybe thousands of Silat styles, some practiced only by particular clans.

Back in the day there were hundreds of styles of Jujitsu.

Part of the issue is there is no one governing body for Hapkido and so many people have taken what they learned and 'created' their own style (calling it something different).  I've never fully understood the real differences amongst styles as so many people will share a technique and then claim it was a hidden or secret technique for years.  I think we can all agree that Hapkido is eclectic and a living art.  Thus, it can be practiced for a lifetime because the fundamental principles are there.  I went to a Tae Kwon Do school once that claimed to teach Hapkido (and the instructor was even a 4th Dan).  He told me that once I learned the 50 Hapkido techniques, I'd get bored and that is why it was merged in with the Tae Kwon Do syllabus.  The problem I had with this is that I already knew way more than 50 techniques and I wasn't even including breath control exercises, the strikes and kicks, positions of disadvantage, multiple attacker responses.  But, today there is another Hapkido school out there and the story continues.  For me, regardless of the technique, I really focus the student in on the principles and in practice looking for options as we all know what we think is supposed to happen doesn't always ;-)

Hapkido is easy prey for this type of nonsense in large part because it is very rare for one Korean to call another out on anything, let alone fraudulent rank or training.  As such, people can claim whatever they want and call it blah blah Hapkido, because no one will openly come out and say "no way". 

As long as people cling to the fantasy that Hapkido was created by committee, or is 3000 years old, or had mystical characters involved that cannot be traced to living people, this dross will continue.

That's interesting, I was not aware of the role that Korean culture played in this. Is this equally true of Japanese or Chinese, do you know?

I have never seen it to such an extent as it is described to me by other Koreans that claim that culturally they are far less likely to call out another Korean, even if they know there is falsehood involved!




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