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ppl like to brag about liniege and alot of ppl dont care even if they have it.


for example for me theres choi young sool, jin jung moon, grandmaster lee , my master kim bub jun and me.

In america I have my master matt morton, his dad, lee hyung park and Bong Yul Shin who learned at the judo college which is now Young-in university.

Bong Yul Shin has since earned an honory 10th dan in WTF/ ITF TKD, Hapkido and Judo.


Do people care about lineage?

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I am not saying that lineage in itself is not important, its how it is used that comes into question. 

Mr. Sogor, you say that why do we need something written down when 3 of the 9th dans are still alive, well without written history (facts not memories) then the history will always be subject to nay sayers and those with a different recollection.   just today while exploring some websites i stumbled onto a video produced by Hwangrando with their founder claiming that he is a founder of Hapkido, I'm not questioning just demonstrating that unless somebody documents, with facts, the history it will never be recognized as such.

this link is to part 1 of documentry


I have seen the same crazy piece of video.  Had a chance to train with some of the the top Hwarangdo guys in the early 80's at a seminar and they disavowed any connection to Hapkido or Choi Dojunim.  then later Joo Bang Lee claims he was given an 8th dan in 1968 by Choi Dojunim at a demonstration - only about a decade before the first documented 8th dans were given out by Choi Dojunim in Daegu...hmmmm.


What i was trying to say about the written history is that there are so many of the original students still alive that the history is still living...I do think it is vital to get their information down as soon as possible as well as the certification and aall the other documentation that can be obtained.  I am lucky enough to have small pieces of information - but am looking to increase this dramatically i the next 2 years or so with some new projects.


Understand that I dont care what anybody claims - just be able to back it up and all is good...if someone claims Choi Dojunim (or anyone else for that matter) as their teacher, they should substantiate the claim...

Brett, I don't know if you know this but Matt Morton is not an actual master in any martial art, in fact he is not even a black belt. He is a fake who has lied to countless people multiple times. He started up a fake judo school, then taught a kendo class at Grace church in STL then he taught martial arts to mentally and physically children in River Wood IL and Chesterfield MO. He lied to the children and their parents. His actions and character has caused him from to be banned from Moo Sul Kwan. He has been suspended from United States Judo Association for creating false documentation and lying about being a black belt in Judo.







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