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I have very bad news guys, the man who started it all in this country; Fred Adams has died.

I am in contact with John in Norwich and will keep regular updates when I know more on my blog as well as this discussion.

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Safe Journey Home Fred!

The funeral of Fred Adams will be next month.
All his family shall be attending so I have been asked not to disclose the exact date and whereabouts however, if anyone wants to attend please get in contact with big John in Norwich.

Hi Jasper,

I've just been reading up a bit about International HapKiDo as I am a member and saw that you used to have a website. I was wondering if you are still associated with the organisation and why the website is no longer online.

Anyway I sent a friend request so we could pm.



Who was he? Pardon my ignorance, I'm not familiar with him.

GM Adams was responsible for brining hapkido to the UK and founding International Hapkido.




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