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I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable with this.....I would hate to see my beloved art watered down for the sake of points & medals....any thoughts people?

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Yeah, Nooo.

Olympic Martial arts are watered down so much. They are what has made TKD what it is today. That should say enough as it is. I could see Olympic HKD schools popping up. They would be the embarrassment of the art.

God help us, once it becomes sport it becomes McDojang, besides the fact that most Hapkido sparring I have seen involves almost no takedowns, joint locks or pressure points, just TKD sparring on steroids.

I would however like to see a Hapkido demonstration to show our beloved art in it's true form :-) 

I wouldn't want to become it olympic, that already has ruined Judo and Taekwondo. But it won't get olympic anyway. ;-) Even Karate isn't (yet) and they also wanted to remove wrestling, so ...

What exactly would this look like? If it included strikes, takedowns, locks and chokes, that's MMA. If it's just strikes that's Karate point fighting, not much different from Taekwondo Olympics.

Here in Austria (and I think also in Korea) we have a competition system consisting of kicks to body and head, strikes to the body, joint locks and throws. Practically it looks like Taekwondo with throws because joint locks are nearly impossible to execute.

We have done a few of these as well here in the USA, what I find is almost no takedowns as your opponent as another Hapkidoist is expecting them making it almost impossible to do. 

Catching kicks can be seen sometimes and some low sweeps. I don't really like this competition rules but the risk of injury is quite low. :-)




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