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I believe that all Hapkido eventually leads back to Choi Dojunim, however I am always surprised how people arrive at that assumption based on the lineage they have.  Yes, I am fully aware that this might case a bit of a flame war, but I feel that this is an issue.

EVERY other martial art uses defined lineage as a way of tracing technique back to the start of the art.  I am always amazed when people make this same assumption in Hapkido based on one person simply training with another, regardless of their rank and standing in the art...

So, looking at your lineage, are the techniques you train/teach ACTUALLY connected to Choi Dojunim?

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I myself would have to say no. Though my Gm trained with Choi, a lot of what he has taught over the years is based off his personal experience and street fights he has been in as well as the influence of other arts he has trained in.
Like or stand up. My teacher was a boxer in his younger years. He also trained in Chinese styles and Muai Thai. So our striking game is influenced by Western Boxing, Wing Chun and Muai Thai. As I have not seen enough of technique performed by Choi I can not attest to how similar or dissimilar it May be.

I do know that what i was taught and what i know teach is very aggressive. It is what I use at work and it is what has kept me alive.

Very good answer! 

I am curious how long Mst. Park Jae-Ho trained in Hapkido as his Judo and Taekwondo resume is very extensive.

i dont see you stating your  lineage on this page cos fred never said who taught joo


Mr. Joo was a student at Choi Dojunim's dojang before he moved to the UK.  He was 5th dan when he left Korea.

Currently, I train under Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo.  He is one of 4 men who received 9th dan from Choi Dojunim  His certificate is #2.  Chang Chin Il, Dojunim is certificate #1 - I have seen both certificates.

I have met men that knew Mr. Joo during his training in Daegu, and the curriculum that was taught to Fred is extremely close to the one that Grandmaster Lim teaches.

I would have to agree that if you are calling what you practice or teach Hapkido there should be some connection to Choi, Yong Sul. If not than is what you are doing really Hapkido? I don't know. Just my thoughts. I am very open minded and acknowedge that there has been a lot of contributions from several great instructors over the years that have forged Hapkido into the Martial Art we know today in all its variations.

And there in lies a problem.  What have people actually been contributed that was not already there from Choi Dojunim? 

I would like to see people not just say they have some passing lineage to Choi Dojunim, but actual rank and standing in the art.  This produces accountability that many in the Hapkido world seem to want to ignore.

so kevin where on the linage does this put me, as i have trained with gm Adams,gm Barron,gm Booth to name but a few

on another note whats happening about freds up and coming birthday

I think this all depends on how you trace back what you have learned and how you have been graded.  I think that it would be more honest if people added their rank to their lineage...I think that would be a fair way to look at things.

Clearly if someone is only a low rank from Choi Dojunim, for example, they cannot then claim to be handing out rank higher than they got from their teacher, but this happens all the time.

I am currently having a discussion with someone that claimed that his instructor, a well known person here in the US, got his master's rank from Choi Dojunim...but all his other ranks from somewhere else...so I am still trying to figure out how that works frankly.

I am getting back on the horse with Fred's B-Day, I'll work on the thread here later.




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