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In the Youtube comments on this video, some have called him a bully, a prick and a douche, saying that he is hurting his students unnecessarily. What do you think?

Personally I didn't see anyone being injured or roughed up beyond what you would expect at a seminar, which this appears to be.

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He is 10x more gentle than traditional Korean Instructors! And I should know, my GM is one.

Why is that? I see that in Youtube videos too. The Korean masters seem quite willing to inflict extreme pain and even damage on their receivers. What's that about?

That is just old school training. That along with simply showing and not explaining much. It is a do it till you figure it out kinda way.

Yeah. I don't like that "do it till you figure it out" thing. I have had instructors like that and I find it annoying. Why should I have to see the same technique demonstrated maybe a handful of times over the course of several years, never with any explanation, until I can finally figure it out? Like it's some higher truth that I can only reach through meditation and sacrifice. Come on. It's just body movement.

I agree. I was trained this way. Now as I trained with my teacher after many years he would explain more to me. Myself, I am an explain it- kinda guy...




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