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The Korea Honsinsul Federation has produced and is selling its DVDs. Now offered at $200.00.

Has anyone seen them? If so, please state your opinion.

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Not for 200$ I havent seen them. A good seminar is usually 1/2 that price and you get to practice on real people! Is there any information that you cant get elsewhere? I guess I could see paying that if you have no other option available but seems quite steep to me. Just my humble opinion.

The DVDs encompass their entire curriculum

. I have been informed that in order to purchase them you must be a member of their federation.

Ah in that case it makes sense if its the entire curriculum. The Sin Moo 8 DVD sets are upwards of $300. I cant find any demo of the Hoinsinsul videos online in a short search. I'll let someone else chime in sorry I couldn't help!


I am not familiar with the organization, if they were affiliated with the Korea KidoHae then maybe I would say but, I donno.




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