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Ok, here is your scenario. Some how, some way zombies have run umuck. You have survived the initial days, weeks or months of horror and carnage. You have gathered your senses and are ready to fight back.
So what gear and weapons would you have? What would you do to get started? The future is yours, how would you take it back!

Side note: The zombie invasion is more of an infection. Pre dead humans are not coming back. The rules for zombies are this. They are living and mindless creatures that can only be killed by destroying the brain. Decapitation will kill the body but not the head. All none brain related injuries will heal at an accelerated rate.
Their movement is slow at first but becomes normal, though fairly clumsy and erratic after time.
If at any time bodily fluid is transferred and one is infected the victim retains theselves for up to 12 hours. After that they have severe flu like symptoms as their brain is taken over. Within the next 3 hours they will fully turn.
Zombies hunt by sight and smell.

Now its all up to u!

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Im telling ya, it's coming!
They are actually doing a movie based on world war z. I gotta get the book




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