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Hi all,

Just dropped in to wish every one a very merry Christmas & happy new year.

This year has been huge for me in terms of my martial arts training. I successfully passed my 1st Dan test in february, commenced Kyusho Jitsu training in April (Aiming for 1st Dan in March 2013) & also started Brazillian Jujitsu in November.....lots to learn....as well I finally decided to get serious about losing the 20 kilos that I need to get to a good healty weight. I started doing 15 mins weights seesions 4 days per week, 2 nights of cardio & weights , & 15 mins cardio during my lunch breaks @ work.......I honestly feel better now than I have in years & have a plan to hit my goal weight within the next 8 weeks.....In the 6 weeks since I started my program I have lost 7 kilos.....I'm on a mission to get to my goal weight in the next 8 weeks and I'm well on the way.....this is not a "resolution' but a lyfestyle change.....time to starrt living up to the standard that has been set for me by all who have worn the black belt before me.

Once again, have a great Christmas & new year,

Peace & blessings to all,

Greg :-)

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Happy holidays and Congrats on the promotion. A lifetime to go. Should be a blast!

Hello Greg,

Well I can say I am happy for you and cograt for you black belt. Martial arts is a very long way and a path that doesn't stop, I have been thru different martial arts and about 27 years till now. First I got thru kickboxing, then hapkido and jujitsu also kajukenbo and now russian systema. I have developed a training module and branch called lebanese free style in Hapkido or simply lebanese Hapkido', and have modified some techniques to fit the fight out doors as street fight, but still need alot.., Second I'm looking forward on finding a sponser to move on my project which is a world mixed seminar for 4 days in lebanon, this will let the particepents get more experience from each other and launch my new style in hapkido. What do you think?. Happy new year n'd hope you had a warm and happy christmas. Take care and keep in touch.





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