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Hi everyone. I'm teaching my first seminar in Fresno, California on May 28, 2016. I was wondering if those of you who have run seminars or taught at them have any advice or thoughts.

Strictly speaking it's not a Hapkido seminar but self-defense. I'm advertising it to beginners and experts alike, with the goal of getting bodies in the door and maybe turning some of those into continuing students. It's a one-day seminar, 3 hours in the morning, one hour lunch, then another three hours training, all for $50.

I'm thinking that I don't want to teach anything complex. I will probably avoid joint locks except a few basics. I want to teach material that is easily accessible. Basic strikes and kicks, off balancing the attacker, manipulating the head, elbows and knees, etc.

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My response may not be helpful here but I did want to comment how nice of an advertisement you have and if I was on the west coast, I would attend.

Hey, thanks. Only 8 people attended, but I guess that's not terrible for my first seminar.




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