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should Hapkido be considered a mixed artial art or an art unto its own?

 Thoughts on Hapkido being a mixed artial art or an art unto its own?

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Well it can be considered a mix martial art since even the highest master are mixing it up with other style. Such is the case of the so call DOJU of hapkido Chinil Chang.

Yes, it's an eclectic art by nature. There are some (like Daniel on this website) who mourn the way Hapkido has lost its character by becoming diluted with other arts. But from the very beginning Hapkido was a mashup of Japanese Jujitsu and Korean striking techniques. It's kind of all over the map. So I see no harm in incorporating techniques from other arts as well, as long as we remain true to the Hapkido principles of water, circularity and non-resistance.

Many, many years ago there was an article entitled, "Hapkido, the original Mixed Martial Art." I have it in with papers that are in storage. I'll have to try and find it one day as I had accumulated an ungodly amount of articles, and documents on Hapkido. If anyone can find it online please post it. It may be some time before I can get to storage.

Was it in Black Belt magazine or something like that?

I found it in several places on the internet back in the 90s.




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