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Does anyone have any specific weight lifting exercises for the inner knifehand strike or for the outer knifehand strike? 

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How about wood chops? High-low wood chops and low-high. Both are tremendous for building core strength and involve exactly the sort of rotation that's used when delivering a knife hand strike.

knife hand and ridge hand push ups are always a great exercise

What is a ridge hand push up?

your hand position changes from standard push -up, turning the ridgehand side of open hand (thumb side) on ground, with arms wide hands about even with head. one of many variations of pushups we do at our dojang.

Clearing a path through the jungle with the edge of your hand.

Just kidding.

Kettle Bell workouts have been touted to be one of the best.

Any specific kettle bell exercise that you recommend?  

I have not yet gotten into it myself. Would have to research it.




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