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I know this might be a fruitless topic, but!!!

I know many of us who train in sword work use the Japanese Katana. But what about other sword styles.

There is Chinese sword work, various European styles, saber work, Philipino and Indian.

What have others trained in? What are the various pros and cons you have seen of the different styles?

I have a bit of long sword training on top of the Katana. Though I have visually studied and observed various other sword styles I have not trained in them so I can not give an experienced and intelligent opinion and insight on them.

I am a Katana stylists myself. Even so I do love the long sword. Though they were developed to fight with in different ways, against different types of armor, they honestly are both very effective. Both very lethal, but one designed for slicing and thrusting and the other for stabing and bone breaking. Though they could and were used in other ways, they were weapons that could not honestly compare. Ment for different styles and armors.

For me if I were facing and armored opponent I would use the long sword. The sheer force of its blow could break bones and dehabilitate. Still such a fluid and smooth weapon against an opponent, but against an unarmored or lightly armored opponent I would use the the katane. Faster movements and the ability to redirect and flow into follow through techniques in an instant.

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Sorry bud,

but your on your own on this one. this is one area i have NOOOO knowledge in what so ever.. I would love to be trained in sword, but other than just some traditional sliceing and how to hold one is about it..I stick more to Cane, Sai and chucks and the other instructor is basicly and bow man. IF you have any training video's let me know and we might do some trading.

I have never trained sword except just a few lessons in drawing and sheathing the katana.

The only sword style I've been exposed to was Iaido, and I found it excruciatingly boring. I wouldn't mind learning a more active sword style, but it's not a priority for me.

On the other hand I've been studying Pekiti Tirsia Kali for over three years. The focus is knife and short sword or machete, It's a very active style. Almost all drills are contact drills, and we spar in every session. It took me a long time to get the hang of the footwork and the art in general, as it's very different from the empty hand stuff I have done, but it's finally starting to grow on me.

Check out Shin Ken Do. I want to study it meself




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