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Hi guys & gals,

I've made the decision last week to start doing the warm up(15 mins cardio) with the class that I teach on Friday nights, & from tonight I'll be doing so. My reasons are threefold;

1) As i'm spending most of my time teaching & assisting, I don't have as much time to work on my own stuff during classes. I also live 2 & 1/2 hours from the dojang, so my time is limited to the nights I'm already there. Wednesday & Friday nights & Saturday mornings.

2) As an instructor I feel it's important that I never ask the students to do something I'm not prepared to do myself. I believe that I need to lead by example.

3) I'm also trying to drop about 15 kilograms (33 pounds) as I'm tired of being overweight. Not really the ideal for me to set as a black belt or an instructor. 

Any thoughs/opinions?


G :-)


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I always do the workout with my students , especially as not to miss out on the opportunity to get some exercise myself. And , yes you should be able to do the workout that you are asking your students to do.  The only time I don't to the drills is when I have another student come up and call the drills while I go around and watch their stances , techniques etc.  Love teaching! Steelyjan

Thanks for the reply guys,

Good to know I'm amongst like minded people. I've trained at schools where the master just barked orders & openly boasted of not training & or living healthy in any way......Needless to say I'm in a different place now!!!!

My Hapkido Master still trains every day. He's 6th Dan TKD (WTF), 7th Dan Hapkido (Graded by GM In Sun Seo last year), 4th Dan Kyusho Jitsu, as well as being certified by Benny "The Jet" Urquidez in his Kickboxing system, & a certified Top Team (MMA) school owner. An inspiration to say the least!!!!

I'm just trying to follow the example set for me by the Boss!!!!

All the best,

G :-) 

FYI...the warm up was as follows;

50 pushups

50 crunches

1 x "Slack Jack" Start @ one end f the mats with 9 pushups & one crunch, (while we wait for everyone to finish the set, we jog on the spot) jog to the other end & do 8 & 2, same as above then 7-3...et.c till the order is reversed. It's called a "Slack Jack" because it has a "big brother called a "Black Jack" which is double the above.

Then we each grabbed grabbed a kick shield & formed a circle. I started with Kickboxing combo #1 ( L/H Jab R/L Turning Kick) then started moving around the circle doing the same on each shield. The first student whose shield I kicked counts to 3 then puts his/her shield down & follows me around the circle (The idea of the 3 second gap creating a good distance between people kicking & punching) @ each person after followed suit. Once we were all done, Kickboxing combo #2 L/H jab, R/H Cross, switch stance L/L Turning Kick, then Combo #3 L/H jab, R/H Cross, L/H Hook, R/L Turning Kick, then Combo #4 L/H jab, R/H Cross,L/H Hook, R/H Cross, Switch stance L/L Turning Kick. 15 mins & that's the warmup done.....loved it & got some good feedback from the class too....

G :-)

Unless an instructor does absolutely nothing in class then they should warm up. Last thing you want is to be demoing a technique and hurt yourself.

Thanks for the input Alex. Much appreciated,

All the best,

G :-)

I think it is a good way of loosing weight but not to much and it is important to have a good rest in order your body to be healthy at all time and is able always to do more practices and exercises...




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