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This has to be the hardest part of my training. I think for Kris to ;)

My biggest problem, being a Southern boy I was raised withal diet full of flavors and well fat.

To me good and flavorfull food is a blessing of life. The problem with healthy food and food designed for an athletes diet is that it is not good. Tastes blahhhh!

What kinda diet do you guys follow? What diet tips can you share?

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I like healthy foods and I use a lot of herbs and spices to give them flavor. You'd be amazed at the robust flavors you can get without adding a lot of fat. Start experimenting with different spices and fresh herbs. 


Unfortunately for me I also love sweets. I'll eat healthy meals and then have a pint of Haagen-Dazs, or a chocolate bar. I don't know how to give that up. Sometimes what I do is eat two or three fruits first, so when I get to the chocolate I'm already full and I'm satisfied with only a few bites.

Did i just get called fat right below the heading??? whats a guy gotta do to gain some respect for the fluffy people.

Believe it or not guys i dont eat alot of sweets, I just more or less got into a relaxed relationship and would eat and not exercise or we would eat everytime we would go out on weekends. Chinese food is what really put the weight on me.  One word of advice to LIVE by, Do NOT eat right before you go to bed that will pack the weight on faster than anything!

But like you said here in the south eating is a way of life and its the symbol of friend ship to be invited in at every stop you make and is almoost a crime to turn anyone down that invites you in for a bite.

I dont kow what the big deal is, every old master i see is ussually packing on some extra pounds, Im just getting a jump on it at age 37

Not the Asian masters. Some of them are fit, strong and flexible well into their 70's and even 80's.  Maybe they should be teaching us how to eat, as well as how to fight.
Yea, see eating before bed is part of my problem. But I can't really do a lot about that. Between my private students and additions I have to work at night full time as a bouncer. Most times I don't even get to bed before 330 a.m. I sleep about 6 hours a night. I don't sleep very well. I get up late so i eat late. My classes are later in the evening so most times I don't have time to sit down and eat dinner till I get home after working at the club. So many times I have no choice but to eat before I go to bed.

Ah, but things are looking up. I just got a new copy of P90X. I have had it before and loved it. Time tobrocl it again.

Lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain. That's scientifically well known.

Keep in mind people from like the Japanese master's view a fighters body differently. Most I see don't have massively shredded abs and muscles for days, but are very stocky and solid.

yes thats what ill call it , stocky and solid..


So much of Southern food is comfort food. My mother would cool with real butter and lard and salt and deep fry Oohhh so much. She had a industrial size deep frier. One of my favorite snacks was deep fried cauliflower!

I'd say a couple things....

avoid high sodium foods, remove unnecessary sugars or empty calorie foods from your diet (big one for many of us is soda), 

make sure you eat breakfast and 5 small meals per day each including proteins (non or low fat proteins and never skip meals especially breakfast) - vary important to keep your metabolism fire stoked. 

include resistance training in your workout routines in addition to hapkido and cardio work (muscle burns more calories). 

Drink water (absolutely necessary!) and make sure you get sleep (body repairs and rebuilds during this time).

Give yourself cheat meals (use an 80% rule....80% good balanced meals and 20% cheat if you need to) but always in moderation...

These are just a couple things I believe most important.

Yea, I have been working put again; 6 days a week trying to get back in shape. 40 is right around the corner and i do not want to look or feel 40, ever!

The hardest part for me by far was giving up on soda. But for 2 weeks now I have had almost all water with the exception of a few sports drinks or a glass of low fat chocolate milk after my workouts.
My diet was easier cause my ex used olive oils and low fat oils for cooking and i got into that habit.

Don't want to look or feel 40, lol, how does 40 look and feel? Don't you know that 40 is the new 30?

I'm 46 and I feel like Iron Man. I may not look like Iron Man... but I do feel strong and capable.

I'd have a hard time giving up soda. At least one can of diet pepsi with lunch! Ahh, that fizz and burn. But I have been drinking more water lately, and having a protein shake after the gym.

Although I was raised in an Italian family and ate a lot of pasta, breads etc. During my high school years I got into health foods and learned how to eliminate things from my diet. I was a vegetarian for a while. I would go on fasts etc. Of course there were also periods of my life that I ate a lot and wasn't exercising. Therefore I gained weight. I tried many different sports and gyms. I was always physically oriented. But at the age of 45 I found martial arts and that turned my life around. Although I do love to eat and drink especially with friends and family. I also know what foods I need to stop when I feel my weight creeping up. Dieting is different for every person and you need to find the right combo that works for you. 

 I am better off with less food during the day. I try to avoid carbs such as pasta, bread , rice etc. I hardly ever eaten fired foods. And I can take or leave sweets. 

 ONE WORD OF ADVICE! Eliminate anything with corn syrup / high fructose from your diet.  It messes up your metabolism and you will be amazed at how many products it is in. It is made from genetically  engineered corn

and is proven to make it harder to lose weight. I feel it is important to look our best especially as  black belts  and instructors. It makes our performance that much better. Good luck!  SteelyJan




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