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Me and my fifteen year old son has done some Hapkido, but I quit going about a year ago. I am very much out of shape. I just joined the gym and wanting to start getting in shape and get back in classes. My problem is knowing how to train. I need to loose weight and I would like to get into strength training with weights and still find time to practice. Does anybody have any good workout ideas? I will be doing these with my son, and would like to get him also in better shape. Any help would be appreciated.

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One suggestion I have as far as strength training is to focus on major muscle movements. Squats, woodchops, standing shoulder presses, t-bar rows, pushups, pulldowns, etc. Don't worry right now about isolation movements like one-armed triceps presses or calf raises.

Some gyms have heavy bags. This is a good workout as well, though you have to be careful not to injure your hands or wrists if you work it without gloves. Kicks are especially good and will get your heart going.

Lastly, swimming laps is a great cardiovascular workout without any impact stress to the joints.

Good luck!


William, if you're here to contribute to the discussions that's great, but if you're here just to post your link I'll delete you.




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