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Personally, I sometimes feel I must be so totally addicted in martial arts.....I work for myself so I guess it affords me the time...I train in Hapkido Mondays, day + evening class, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 1hr. afternoon classes, Thursday eve , 2+ hr, Judo , then Friday bag class in MMA school,1-2 hrs....
weekends I try to practice some basics when I can , if I'm not on a tight work schedule....
Am I insane??? yet somehow it gves me more energy to accomplish the other millions of things that need to be done.....
Just curious about other people' training schedules...feel like sharing????

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Yes, you're insane. No, just kidding, from what I have read many students in Korea train for four hours a day. That's why they get their black belts in one year. I'm kind of in your boat. I am self-employed as well, and have no social life (not saying that you have no social life!) except for caring for my daughter two days a week. So the rest of the week I'm either studying or teaching martial arts. It balances me emotionally, gives me something to think about, and makes me feel like no matter what else is going on my my life, at least I'm accomplishing something concrete. Plus, I simply enjoy it.

Specifically, I do Hapkido at the park twice a week for two hours each session; Jujitsu three times a week, two hours each; and I lift weights at the gym four times a week, for between one and two hours. So yes, some days I go straight from Jujitsu to the gym and by the time I'm done I'm wrecked. Which I like, because then I'm too tired to think about my shambles of a life, ha ha.

I haven't been in a fight in years and I'm still waiting for the opportunity to test my skills. Why won't someone pick on me, darn it! No one ever seems to want to tangle with me :-) But I'm the quiet type and I don't drink, so I guess I'm not in the right environments to get in fights. But I walk some fairly sketchy neighborhoods in Panama City and no one bothers me. I think I just have "that walk."

As long as you are not getting injured or experiencing chronic fatigue, I think it's great. More power to you. Hapki!
I wish I had a school that offered classes every day. Actually there is no Hapkido school in my area, so I do jujitsu three times a week and I try to organize informal Hapkido classes at the park.
Just reading Steelylan and Wail's workout schedule wore me out. :)

How's your training going lately, Jan?


You were speaking of being addicted to martial arts, I've been feeling like I have a big hole in my schedule because I have no classes on Thursdays. I do go to the gym on Thursday and lift weights, and then I practice Hapkido on my own in the exercise room. But it's not the same, and I think the difference is that training with a partner is a social exercise, and also requires complete concentration. It sort of takes me out of my life, and engages my mind completely. Anything that allows me to forget my problems for a while is good...

Well since I wish to remain married to my bride of 29 years I limit myself to two 2.5 hour classes a week of Hapkido, then roll with my son 2 days a week at the house to practice Jujitsu(before my wife gets home from work), I run in the mornings before work and surf on the weekends since my wife loves to lie out on the beach.   If I was single I would be at it daily, but although my wife doesn't always think so the arts are secondary to her!


I am single, and I have a daughter but only see her on the weekends, so I have to distract myself somehow. I'm sure if I get married things will change. It will be totally different, because my wife will have sandwiches waiting for me after class!

Hi Everyone!

  Training in full force, but I also work at the dojang 3 days a week, actually get paid for desk work, answering phones, talking to new perspective students when they come in, keeping up with agreements, making cards, cleaning, supplies, etc... As with all here , I also have the

"Martial Arts Widow" at home. Although he is busy too but mostly with work but now with recording and practicing his music. 

  They have moved me to the Manhattan school and I can take as many classes as I want as long as I stop to answer the phone or whatever.

   Last week I decided to test my stamina and took 4hrs of classes, but this was broken up.

A 12:15 ( 45 minute class) , a 5:30 ( 45 minute class) then Kyosanim's infamous 2hr + class.  I made it through and wasn't overly sore the next day.

   Only thing is , I can't seem to drop the 5lbs, I want to drop the scale is stuck! My son is putting me on the grazing diet, but when calculated I can only eat about 1,300 calories per day!!!!! What! That equals a few glasses of wine...so today I am fasting but drinking fresh juices to maintain my calories... hopefully it will kick start my metabolism. I am not going to class today but will go to the park, run, jump rope, abs etc. with my son. He suggested weight lifting (again) .I have also been super busy with my artwork...yikes...I might need a rocking chair and a margarita soon!


Well, I have a house available for rent in Panama.... fully furnished, nice hammock, great breeze, surrounded by mountains with rainforest :-)


Give those 5 lbs a break, they never hurt anyone.

Sounds great! Too busy right now...sigh...


Your worried about 5 pounds!!!  With the work outs you're describing you better measure inches dropped cause muscle weighs alot more that fat.

I train on Tuesday & Wednesday nights (Hapkido & BJJ back to back classes) Friday nights I teach Hapkido Friday nights, then train BJJ, then Saturday mornings I train BJJ then Hapkido back to back. I also go to my local gym on Sunday/Monday?Thursday...so I train a bit...but I love it :-) I'm trying to get motivated to get back into Cage Fitness classes as well (Wednesday & Saturday)....  

Wow, that's quite a schedule. Do you have a family?




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