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February 2010 Blog Posts (2)

My Test for 1st Degree of High Red: Hubae

SO!!!!! I Did It!!!!!

I passed my test Friday evening! It was not an easy one for me, after all these years of training , you would think that I would be well seasoned for this. I really crammed my materials....and wasn't as confident as I should have been. But! I did it! Not without a couple of screw ups.... I messed up the end of one form which is three sections: Chunji-One Steps-Wonkan....it's a ki slow kata, then a fast group of punching+ kicking-then another slow ki kata...in one… Continue

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Testing Tonight!!!

Tonight's THE NIGHT !!!!!!

So I have been training hard and going over all my materials.....I seem to know everything but the

only problem is, sometimes I mix things up!!!!! I confident about all my forms including my weapons forms. Yesterday I put in 4 1/2 hours of training, actually 1 hr. was assisting the children's class...

so my cardio seems in order...went for a pedicure ...(must have beautiful feet to kick you with) and a 10 minute chair massage which was… Continue

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