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March 2012 Blog Posts (5)

Hapkido & Taekwondo School in Chapel Hill Survives the Recession and Grows

From the Chapel Hill News:

Martial arts training center weathers the recession


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Going For it ( In this case, not the gold) Black Belt

Hi Wael and Everyone at Hapkido Network!                                                                                                       Although the last test that I participated in ( not for rank) left me thinking I shouldn't attempt the Black Belt test this year, I have changed my mind and I will go for it. I have roughly two months to go over all my forms and techniques . I have all my other requirements , such as desk duty, field duty (demos etc.) and plenty of teaching hours.  …


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newest scar

While working a club on a Punk Rock night, and greviousley under staffed security wise a fight broke out on ghetto smoking patio. I get down there to see a dozen or so dudes beating up a guy. Went in with another guard to help the guy. Pulled a guy out and he slipped off a 12" ledge and went to the ground. I had to fend off what I later found out was 5 guys. The guy on the ground was getting hit, kicked and stomped so I went to cover him. The second I went to the ground at the guys side, some… Continue

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    So I recently participated in a belt test. I wasn't testing for rank. In our school  January is white belt month where everyone ( besides black belts) is required to wear a white belt as a return to the beginning  and fresh start. Then February is mandatory test month , there are three weeks of test dates to choose from. 

   Also in our school higher ranks are required to show up and participate in belt tests. As partners for lower belts and in preparation for the black…


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