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May 2011 Blog Posts (11)

I love my cousin, but... (the old MMA vs. TMA argument)

My cousin Hisham is here visiting from Canada for a few days. He had a business seminar in California, so he dropped by to see us. I hope he doesn't read this.


He's a nice guy and I love him. But today he annoyed me. He came to watch my Hapkido class (I'm the instructor), then my Jujitsu class (I'm a student).


Afterwards he said to me, "That was great. But why don't you do any live sparring?"


I said, "We've done some in the past, but I put it…


Added by Wael on May 30, 2011 at 10:30pm — 7 Comments

Happy with this website

I'm very happy with this website and the people who use it. I feel like you are all friends and I know you.


Yes, I know some of you are waiting for apps for the iPhone or other things. There will be a few technical improvements coming.


I'm speaking of the people. You all have made this website a special place. It doesn't make me any money, ha ha, but it's still valuable to me.


That's all, just wanted to share that.

Added by Wael on May 30, 2011 at 12:20am — 18 Comments

A weekend with the past

This weekend my Grandmaster was in town. As it turns out one of my seniors is also in town. He is in Valencia for work and may be moving here. He (Todd) has been training with my GM since 1977.

We spent the weekend remenissing about old times. Then on Sunday we all met up with Steve Sexton. He began his training under my GM in like 1970 or so. We had a great lunch Sunday and i got a chance to know Steve a bit. Super nice guy and has a few funny stories.

For the first time… Continue

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 23, 2011 at 11:46pm — 2 Comments

LAPD needs to get real!

I don't know why we even call them. We caught a tagger tonight and when one of my guards went to confront him the guy swings at my guard. I get there and goose neck the guy to get him out. I was a cranking and the guy was still fighting so I twisted his hand in counter clockwise and lock even harder. We get him outside to cuff him for vandalism and battery and he starts resisting hard. So I flip him over my hip and he gets cuffed. Now during the scuffle that he started he did get a little… Continue

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 21, 2011 at 3:57am — 2 Comments

reincarnation/past lives

I myself am a reincarnationist. I believe that we come back as many times as we may need to so that we can accomplish all the things our souls feel needs accomplishing.

I would love to find a way to access the knowledge from my past lives, the memories, skills and abilities.

Just think of who/what you may have been in a past life. Were you a samurai, shaolin monk, Spartan warrior or philosopher. Imagine what you could do with the knowledge of your past lives.

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 19, 2011 at 6:52pm — 2 Comments

Review of Lock On, Volume 1

Alain Burrese is the man. I've been doing the elevated wrist lock for years, or what Alain calls the standing center lock (Mochi Mowari or Sankyo for you Japanese stylists - I don't know the name in Korean), including many variations from both Hapkido and Jujitsu. But Burrese, defending against a straight punch, shows an entry to the lock that is so fast and smooth, that when I saw it I whistled out loud. It's not a complex transition, but Burrese applies it with a rapid, smooth entry that goes… Continue

Added by Wael on May 19, 2011 at 1:28pm — 2 Comments

?Ground Fighters?Honestly?

Why is it that dang near ever die hard ground fighter seems to disregard the dangers of fighting on the ground?! Its like they think that they will only find themselves fighting on clean, debris free, dry surfaces. Fights take place where we live, work and play. These places are not free of potential hazards. They are naturally cluttered. Dang near every fight I have seen has had the influence of environmental hazards. Yet for some reason there are the die hardships who seem to think that they… Continue

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 19, 2011 at 10:09am — 3 Comments

assessing Hapkido

So often I see people assess Hapkido and its effectiveness and its techniques. People from BJJ, CHKD, TKD, MMA and various other arts always comment and assess without ever really knowing what they are talking about.

If anyone did then they would know that Hapkido is such a diverse and varied art from HKD style to style, from school to school. We favor different techniques and ways of fighting, and not just on a personal level but in instruction.

Even though I have seen… Continue

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 17, 2011 at 1:49pm — 3 Comments

Happy birthday to me!

Well started off my birthday by honing my skills, im setting in my dads bar having a great time chatting with a young lady and her friends when her ex husband walks in acting like an idiot. My dad of course told him to calm down or he would have to go. So the young lady starts crying and one of the guy friends asks her what's wrong.bout that time the exhusband comes out of nowhere screaming "don't talk to my wife" bout the time he was drawing back to hit the guy I snatched the guy up and choked… Continue

Added by Kris McCullar on May 14, 2011 at 12:55pm — 2 Comments

Fight Science not so scientific

Its been out for a few years now. Regardless i still enjoy watching it. I'm referring to the first Fight Science on martial arts.

It's funny that they are doing supposed scientific testing on different martial arts, admitting that size makes a difference in striking yet their martial artists are all different sizes. There is no control. How are you going to say that size makes a difference and try and say a particular art hits harder when the person performing for that art is also… Continue

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 9, 2011 at 10:06pm — No Comments

anywhere in the past

I have always thought that if I could go anywhere in the past to any civilization at its height, with all the knowledge i possessing within my lifetime, where would I go?

Could be Babylon, Sumaria, Greece or Rome. But what would most interest me if I had only one choice I think would be ancient Egypt. To see the wonders of the Egyptian world being built and the Pharos of old. Pluss I do have a thing for the exotic woman!

Imagine what one could do during that timewith our… Continue

Added by Daniel McCullar on May 5, 2011 at 4:27pm — 7 Comments

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