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August 2012 Blog Posts (2)

Trying to do things the Hapki way

This week we worked on the bent-wrist hammer lock. It's taught initially off a wrist grab. Your attacker grabs your wrist. You circle your held hand around to the outside and grasp his wrist from underneath and then twist his arm to raise his elbow and create a "bridge". You throw a hacking forearm strike into his ribs and go underneath the arm. As you pivot to face his back, your free hand controls his elbow, while your other hand locks his wrist. You then drive the arm up toward the locked…


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It's real out there!

I wonder at students who come to class and only go through the motions. Their strikes are half-hearted and their stances are poor. I tell them, "I want to see energy! Commitment! Even when you're not really hitting your partner, put some energy into your movements!"

It's real out there, people. Psychos are gunning people down. We're not only learning martial arts for our health. This is life and death stuff.

Along the same note, there are only two types of…


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