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Mental Patter - Psyching Myself Up

My mental patter when about to hit a 315 lb squat set (while staring at the weight and breathing deeply):

"This is nothing. It doesn't exist. It's made of air, feathers, helium, cardboard, tissue. It's a Hollywood prop. One time special, today only, all feathers. Energy is matter and matter is energy, so all that matters is my energy. The weight is nothing. It's an illusion, it doesn't exist. Only my heart is real. I'm a wrecking ball, a juggernaut, a machine."

Then BOOM, I hit it, down and up, then again and again, and the weight moves like it's nothing. Afterwards it might take me five minutes to catch my breath and recover, but in those minutes when I'm pressing the weight, I feel nothing at all. It just moves.


It's near the end of a long seminar session; I'm tired and sore, and my body is flagging. Instead of giving in to the pain and weariness I revel in it. I think:

"Do it for blood and pain. For darkness and the world's ending. For a red day, a battle day, a sword day."

That works for me, because it reminds me of what I might have to face one day, and that in the end we all die, so that in that moment my pain is insignificant.

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