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My dream: elbow strikes 0, joint breaks 3

I dreamed last night that I was one of a group of travelers or backpackers. We were visiting a Scandinavian country and camping out in an unfinished building. The group sent me to the market to buy supplies.

At the market, a man spotted me and approached me aggressively. In my dreams there is always someone out to get me, some organization pursuing me. I am always a fighter, soldier, rebel, secret agent, escaped prisoner, something like that. I can't remember the specific scenario in this dream, but I remember that the man attacked me.

I blocked his attack, moved inside and delivered two powerful elbow strikes to his face. He took them as if they were nothing and kneed me in the groin.

I stumbled backwards and the man came at me again with a flying knee. This time I did not try to punch it out with him. I sidestepped, grabbed him and reaped his leg to throw him down. Taking one leg I flipped him over onto his stomach, then twisted his foot until the ankle shattered. Then I took one of his arms and brought it up vertically over his head until the shoulder dislocated, then I gave it an extra shove to snap the elbow. Then I turned and walked away, knowing that he could not pursue.

I fled the market with the supplies, went to the building where my friends were hiding, and told them we had to leave right away.

This is a very typical dream for me.

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Comment by Torbjorn Karlsen on September 26, 2010 at 7:33am
Actually I take that back - they can work, as long as you've got plate armour as well ;) Search for "harnischfechten" on YouTube and you'll see a lot of reaps, throws and locks being used.
Comment by Torbjorn Karlsen on September 26, 2010 at 7:11am
Lightly armoured mind you, I think many joint locks and choking techniques would have been much less effective against someone in Renaissance plate armour. I sure wouldn't want to take this guy on unarmed...
Comment by Wael on September 26, 2010 at 12:53am
Thanks, we'll send someone else to the store.

But I think the dream was pursuing a line of thought I've been following lately about the finality of joint techniques as compared to strikes.

Some people can take a lot of hits and keep on coming. MMA matches are proof of that. But if you shatter a bone, or destroy a joint, or apply an effective choke, it limits the guy's ability to keep on fighting in a very final way. And I think that's why in Hapkido (and historically in Jujitsu) strikes are primarily an aide to joint techniques and chokes. Joint techniques and chokes are the core.

From a historical perspective, the goal was to throw an armored warrior to the ground and demolish his joints, or choke him to death.
Comment by Torbjorn Karlsen on September 26, 2010 at 12:36am
Duly noted, I won't let you visit any stores if you ever come here ;)



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