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My Test for 1st Degree of High Red: Hubae

SO!!!!! I Did It!!!!!
I passed my test Friday evening! It was not an easy one for me, after all these years of training , you would think that I would be well seasoned for this. I really crammed my materials....and wasn't as confident as I should have been. But! I did it! Not without a couple of screw ups.... I messed up the end of one form which is three sections: Chunji-One Steps-Wonkan....it's a ki slow kata, then a fast group of punching+ kicking-then another slow ki kata...in one steps I messed up the last sequence but re-cooped myself quickly...It did not go unnoticed! There was a little note on my certificate to work on one steps! YIKES! Some of my defense techniques were sloppy...sigh! But!!!! My best performance was sparring....18 minutes pretty much non-stop with situps in between....I went through 13 opponents...at one point I started to feel nausias...but was able to control it, I was punched slightly in the face (no protective gear) kicked in the rib cage twice by the same guy...oooph!....but suddenly it was over....And I passed! Now I am committed to go over all my previous techniques and work them until I can do them in my sleep....++++there will be much more to learn for my next test! Mudo! SteelyJan

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