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I was feeling down as I often do on Saturday evenings, with no classes and Salma away at her mom's house. Finally roused myself to go to the gym, where I lifted weights then hit the heavy bag with a vengeance. A very fit young man approached me and said, "What style is that?" I said, "No style!", gave him my card, and went back to work on the bag. Feeling much better now. It's amazing what a difference exercise can make.

I mostly don't think in terms of styles anymore. I think in terms of universally effective combat principles: take away the enemy's mind and space, disrupt his balance, control his head, alternate attack levels (high-low) and angles (right-left and circular-straight), alternate joint locks with strikes, use all tools available (hand strikes, headbutts, kicks, knees, elbows, finger jabs, shoulders and even teeth), protect your vital points, defend and counterattack simultaneously, and be unpredictable, violent and relentless.

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