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    So I recently participated in a belt test. I wasn't testing for rank. In our school  January is white belt month where everyone ( besides black belts) is required to wear a white belt as a return to the beginning  and fresh start. Then February is mandatory test month , there are three weeks of test dates to choose from. 

   Also in our school higher ranks are required to show up and participate in belt tests. As partners for lower belts and in preparation for the black belt test. I usually can't make these tests as they are on Friday nights when I drive up to my studio. 

  In support, I  did the last test, which was presided over by my teacher's teacher Grand Master Choi... now the pressure was truly on. It was a hard test and many students did not pass. I studied many of my past curriculum but not everything and there I was in front of Grand Master Choi, Sabumnim , Kyosanim and four other 3rd and 4th degree teachers and had to do higher level choke defense techniques I didn't remember.

  Of course I faked it and made it look good, but I got snagged and two teachers came to me after class and asked what I was doing..I honestly told them faking it!  If we don't practice techniques it is hard to retain them... as the black belts and bodans had to do rope stick kata which I had just started to re-practice, I was doing good until they started to speed it up, then I lost it...OMG...this test was killer.

   So now it's the year for our black belt testing ( not every year) I did not pre-test ( which I also will have to make up along with a few others)  I have decided to put in my letters requesting testing but this might not happen for me this year. I would like to get it over with but it's in the hands of my teachers Sabumnim and Kyosanim...

      How do you prepare your students to remember so many techniques and forms? I do keep a notebook.. usually with forms it's not a problem but without a training partner I find doing defense techniques impossible to do...  Anyway, that's my situation!

    I have leaned up , but must work my cardio which is horrible without  a good warm up! 

  FYI: our black belt test starts at 4AM, doors close at 3:45AM... YIKES!


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Comment by Wael on March 11, 2012 at 9:27pm

I like the idea of white belt month. I think it should apply even to the black belts.

That sounds like a very high-pressure test that you had. I don't know of any tricks for remembering all those techniques. Some of the Korean masters practice 30 techniques every day, running through them several times each, and thus get through the entire Hapkido curriculum (depending on how many techniques you have in your system) two to four times a year.



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