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The wisdom of human is always in terms of experience and common sense. All human history tells us about the stories of men been significant for doing always the rights and leaving the wrongs, acting in harmony of the wisdom. 

This makes wisdom a relative guide line, and a precious tool to use in the right and appropriate time. Wise men are those who talk in words, that were expressed before by spirit.  The relativity of wisdom is not just for this physical world but it reflects the chi inside and the hidden powers of nature and the universe. If my spirit exists and i cannot see it this mean that we are a part of a spititual flux that moved and moves thru the centre of the creation. If my mind exists and my senses do also this means we are relative in physical powers, they show me just the sensitivity i need to analyse the information. If for instance my sight was stronger, i would be able then to see and know that the lovely sun above is a mighty and dangerous star and the surfaces arround me are not smooth as they seem to be. They are a universe for other tiny creatures who lives and were found from the very begining of creation.

Although relativity in wisdom is a part of this love of being right, for the love of wisdom as you know is the esense of philosophy. We deal with spirits always with the entities and not just the bodies, or as objects like machines, etc. Well a good instructor is the one who gives the energy and powers before training his students, relative knowledge then comes through.

To those dearest that asks about life after death, I say dont risk, it is worthless to deny this, and do work hard for your virtuous and good tasks, and do remember its better enfinite number of times to have nothing after a very hard work than to face judgment after l very lazy conduct.

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