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So now that I am over my last belt test, I am back in training full swing....Monday night 2hr Kyosanim intensive class, yesterday since I was the only student that showed up for the afternoon class I got a private!!! Then Judo after and Master Jae Yong Yu from the judo university in Korea was teaching, Judo always a challenge since I am only working with guys, would be easier to throw another woman around, I think this class scares everyone but the guys are careful with me for the most part.... I dropped 7lbs for my test and I'm maintaining ....so I am starting to be really cut esp my arms , everyone is jealous...can't get those at the gym ladies...it's from years of punching....abs are showing too now and my knees have stopped hurting...So it's all good...Love, love, love martial arts in all it's forms whether I am good or not, looks good on me...That's it ...thanks for being out there!!!! SteelyJan

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Comment by Wael on September 15, 2010 at 11:22am
Wow, you're in fantastic shape. Good for you.



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