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At 10:18pm on June 1, 2010, alexandre robillard said…
great..nice to meet you.
what type of Hapkido do you study?
At 1:29pm on May 3, 2010, Tamara Reyes said…
I have never been there, I am in Academia Panameña de Hapkido, my Kwanyanim is Rolando Vergara.
At 1:03am on May 2, 2010, Paul Meek said…
Thanks Wael - we have been offered a job in Santa Cruz and trying to work out if there is a Hapkido dojang, all part of the equation.
At 2:33am on May 1, 2010, Paul Meek said…
Hey Wael do you know of any good Hapkido dojangs in Santa Cruz ?
At 10:26am on April 26, 2010, JORGE TROYA said…
Mi nombre es Jorge Troya vivo en Quito - Ecuador
At 4:04pm on April 23, 2010, Paul said…
Traditional is more slow paced, categorizes things differently. For example, at yellow belt I'll learn a group of one hand wrist grabs, inside and outside, a group of two hand wrist grabs, and a group of lapels. In White Tiger it's spread out through the different belts. Also in White Tiger, we learn 250 more techniques, and once we reach blue belt it's nearly all body maps. Learning where to strike, where to massage, the chakra system, and how to disrupt or influence it. Differs in teaching styles as well. My Traditional Sensei teaches weapons at blue belt, not before. My White Tiger Sensei lets you specialize in one weapon from yellow belt, then teaches the rest at I believe black belt. We also have to think more in White Tiger, because for every technique that I learn through my 3 white belt stripes, I have to come up with my own finisher or take down before I can test for yellow belt.
At 11:46am on April 23, 2010, Paul said…
It's been great! I'm actually in two different curriculums now, about to earn my first belt in each. I'm taking traditional Hapkido from my first Sensei, and White Tiger Hapkido from my second Sensei. I'm really enjoying it.
At 10:06am on April 21, 2010, SteelyJan said…
same thing Wael....doesn't show any option for submitting, when I double click it doesn't do anything and the close box at the top isn't available....frustrating...yours is the only site I'm having trouble with
At 6:47pm on March 8, 2010, Jude Kawa said…
Hi, Yes I've seen the Hahrangdo or whatever it's called but I've actually studied so many systems do to the original instructor I studied under that I don't want to add another one. I just want to continue in most of the systems I studied in previously. I will be moving eventually and I know there is Hapkido where I'll be moving to so I look forward to continuing at that point. The informational teaching idea is interesting. . . if I only had time. My biggest issue is that I really just can't afford to train now. I used to train 2 1/2 hours tues and thurs for free through my university and now the best deal in town is 110/m for 2 hours a week!--in jiu jitsu. The instructor I studied with at ISU was extremely knowledgeable in many systems and was at least a first dan black belt in Hapkido. There was a lot of b.s. there as there is anywhere but I do wish I could train like I used to.
At 8:31pm on February 23, 2010, Gabe Garcia said…
Hey Wael, thanks for the info. Yeah hate to leave the area but better opportunities in Austin. Yeah I saw Hunter's Hapkido and will check him out. Worse case scenario if I don't find a HKD dojang to my liking, I will probably look at Kuk Sool Won.
At 8:25am on January 20, 2010, Josh Glastonbury said…
Hi Mate Yeah Its Pretty Big But I Have Not Seen A Lot Of Hapkido Clubs I Have Found One And I Am Looking To Join It Would You Recommend It If I Already Do Aikido?
At 10:05pm on January 18, 2010, roberto martinez said…
hello wael thankyou for u comment ok iam happy i invite you to visit my web
so you can watch my pictures from mexico ok bye..............................................
At 9:12pm on January 2, 2010, ehab nour said…
whats up wael thank u for u comment so tell me where are u from
by the way iam American egyptian so tell me about u self
At 10:29pm on January 01, 2010, ehab nour gave Wael a gift
happy new year and have agood life
At 9:57pm on December 28, 2009, luis miguel said…
Non friend that is already behind the age you already know aho I am devoted to train to champion futures and to arbitrate championships being the cordinador of arbitration of the Spaniard
At 5:06am on October 26, 2009, felix fremlin gave Wael a gift
At 5:05am on October 26, 2009, felix fremlin said…
hi wael this is felix and thank you for your reply. fiji hapkido was started by a korean military guy who was brought in to fiji to our military guys, he set up the fiji hapkido association. he left the country due to the guys he trained were involved in the overthrow of our government.

there are several high ranking korean hapkido instructorswho teach exclusively to the korean community in fiji and also their cost is too high as the everege guy makes around 60 us dollars a week and the koreans charge around us 15 dollars a week and our local guys are left to fend for themselves with their local instructors
At 11:30pm on September 23, 2009, Erik Medeiros said…

You can't stop someone from rolling out of a standing arm bar. That's why Master Tedeschi teaches his students to finish the arm bar by taking the held person immediately to a prone position on the ground.

Alternatively, if you wish to remain standing, the arm bar is executed not as a controlling hold, but as a swift explosive break, followed immediately by something else. Either way, you would not remain in the position of a standing arm bar for more than a split second.

If the person rolls out before you can either break his arm or take him down to a prone position... so what? Just move on and do something else. Hapkido is ideally practiced in the context of continuous, fluid motion, not static positions.

Actually, having your opponent roll out is the least of your worries. While held in a standing arm bar, a person has many options for counter attacking. That's why Master Tedeschi has a low opinion of all controlling holds executed from standing, and teaches that if you want to control someone, irrespective of the hold, you should take the person swiftly to the ground, preferably to a prone position.

Finally, consider that your reason for applying the arm bar could be to force the person into taking a roll. Why? Perhaps to drive the person into one of his buddies... or a wall... or just to push him away from you. In a typical self defense situation out on the street, your goal will not be to restrain your attacker, but rather to create an opportunity to exit the area, remove yourself from danger, and report the attack to the police.
At 12:07am on June 17, 2009, Karim Haidarov said…
Dear Wael !
Thank You very much for Your kind words.
I wish You health and success.
At 9:01pm on June 14, 2009, Rolando Vergara Diaz said…
It was in Obarrio. Since 2005 my Dojang is in Miraflores, Betania.
I invite you to visit my web site www.hapkidoaph.com
Is in spanish but you can watch videos and pictures.



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