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[상무관] Master Han teaches obscure hapkido kicks

Master Han Si-hwan teaches one of hapkido's more obscure kicks to the students of Sangmukwan. This video was shot in the fall of 2001 in Incheon, South-Korea...

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Comment by David CONSTANT on December 20, 2010 at 5:34am

Those kicks are very common in our Gwan. First is "Anja andari cha neogi". But we perform these mainly after a roll or a breakfall. They are very useful if you get to fall and if you should be attacked by someone who is standing up.


Generally speaking, any kick should be performed lying, sitting, standing up or jumping positions. And secondly, changing level of attacks (sangdan, jungdan or hadan) is a particularity of Hapgido. So, I assume that those anja kicks could be done after a hign kick in order to surprise your partner. In any case, "quick stand-up" should also be learned as to be rapidly on your two feets after the hitting.

Comment by Paul Meek on November 20, 2010 at 1:17am
Im with you Wael, I would never do this kick, why go to ground if you done need to, looks like an old style kick to me - Im doing cane attacks and defence at present and couldnt help but think what I would do if I was struck with a cane for not doing a kick right !
Comment by Daniel McCullar on November 14, 2010 at 1:25pm
I haven't done these kicks in forever. We also do a very low side kick from under the opponent's kicking leg, to their support leg.

I also see an old memory here. The use of the shinai to correct and hit. My teacher used one as well as an old broom stick. But that was years ago.
Comment by Wael on November 13, 2010 at 10:57pm
Do you do this kick?

I've done the standing version of this kick of course, in fact it's the very first Hapkido kick I teach and I use it all the time. But I've never done this drop version, which is presumably intended to take out the standing leg when an attacker kicks.

Question is, what if you miss? Aren't you in a vulnerable position? What's your exit strategy or follow up?



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